Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What's happening in the market?

What's Happening in the Market? by Patrick Cicala, Countrywide Home Loans

Investors are returning from their Holiday to find a very active week of economic data awaiting them. We're close to year-end for a number of big mortgage investors who may choose to take profits and lock-in bonuses, which could limit the prospect of notably lower mortgage interest rates as the last couple of trading weeks for 2007wind down.

And that's what's Happening in the Market,


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Conforming 30 Yr Fixed @ 6%

Conforming 5/1 ARM @ 5.625%

Jumbo 30 Yr Fixed @ 6.75% (>600k)

Jumbo 5/1 ARM @ 5.625% (>600k)

For qualified Full Doc Purchase Applicants only, based on 30 day pricing...can close in 1 day to save your deal!

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