Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Stirling Revitalization Project/Market Update

The Stirling Revitalization Project

I remember, a couple of months ago, driving down Main Avenue in Stirling on my way to work. I was horrified at the sight of dozens of trees being cut down. There were quite a few residents standing on their door steps and chatting with their neighbors….some with a look of bewilderment on their faces. Then it dawned on me…. this was the beginning stage of The Stirling Revitalization Project.

Even though it was quite shocking to see all those trees being cut down I have resigned to being optimistic. The underground wiring for the new street lamps has been completed and the sidewalk phase should be completed within a week or 2. Next comes the new ornamental street lamps, benches and all 40 (yes… 40) trees will be replaced. We can look forward to the finished product sometime in October.

I will forever be an advocate of Long Hill Township. I believe we are just as desirable as any of our neighboring communities and the new, old town look for downtown Stirling can only but add charm to this great town!

In the month of August, 2007 the following occurred along the mid-town direct train line in New Jersey:

Long Hill Township

New Listings - 12

Under Contract Listings - 03

Sold – 06

Average sales price - $689,000

Berkeley Heights

New Listings – 10

Under Contract Listings -06

Sold – 12

Average sales price - $731,000

New Providence

New Listings - 10

Under Contract Listings - 04

Sold – 17

Average sales price - $630,000


New Listings - 18

Under Contract Listings - 11

Sold - 29

Average sales price - $1,526,000

Prepared By:

Dianne Sommers
RE/MAX Classic Group
440 Springfield Avenue
Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922
Direct: (908) 376-1565

Serving Long Hill Township (Millington, Stirling, Gillette, Meyersville), Berkeley Heights, New Providence, Summit and surrounding towns.

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